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About is the world’s most recognized Internet web address that facilitates finding technological product manufacturers and service professionals.  Our website host small to large businesses or individuals to advertise and promote their products and services globally. is THE go-to source for people searching for a particular or the latest in technology products and services when and where they need it.  This website enable customers to search a vast national and global database of IT companies or  professionals listing their products or service they provide. 

How web portal works
Technology companies or individuals list their product and services on this website by creating paid subscription ads. Their postings will provide details of their products, services, their locations and their company profile and history.
Customers looking for these providers can start their search by browsing categories of their interest, locations or zip codes where they need product and services.
Requesting to hire or buy from these professionals are made by contacting them directly by phone or email and importantly, by leaving out the middle man.

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